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SOULFOOD-EXPRESS is a sexy, funky & soulful DANCE/POP Act , with the mission to turn every Music-hall and dancefloor into a hot and cooking place!
The Soulfood recipe:
Only the freshest lyrics & tasty melodies, combined with smoking vocals, put on grilled Dance-Grooves and spiced up with an extra Hot Stage-Perfomance!
Served by our Showbiz- DREAMTEAM : NIC* and OBO*
Blessed with High Energy and nonstop Power, they know how to deliver food for the hungry soul!
Truly  funky, Real fun , a Bigtime Party-Spirit and ...soulfully correct!
More than fun- JOY!
More than a connection- UNITY!
More than a show- an EXPERIENCE!
More than songs- HITS!!
More than action- HIGH ENERGY!
More than a job- they are on a MISSION!
Watch out ! They may be already in your local clubs ! 
*NIC (singer):
As a singer NIC dedicated herself completely to Gospel, Soul and Funk-music.
She sang in a several Live-bands all over europe, sucessfully, cause soon she got the attention of " Big names" :
- the " Weather girls " invited her to sing on their album.
-the " Backstreet boys" got her vocal support on their VIVA - unplugged -Concert in Germany.
- George Clinton heard her voice on one of his shows and gave her the mike...
*OBO (dancer/ singer):
OBO started off as a dancer in different styles like Breakdance, Soultrain, Hip Hop, Afro, etc.
Soon he founded his own Dance-groups that brought him all around the world and several awards.
Artists like " Jimmy Cliff" engaged him as their Opening act and asked for his unique Choreographies and concepts.
As a singer he worked for several Soul-and Funkbands all over Europe.

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